Q. How does it work?

A. We come to your school once per week for our 30 minute class consisting of some serious fun! We work directly with the parents- we collect enrollment forms, payments and correspondence in a mailbox we provide in your lobby. Our licensed and seriously fun coaches gather the enrolled children from their classrooms and bring them to the space that the school provides. After the class, we bring the children back to their classrooms.

Typical Class:
Coach gathers kiddos from classrooms
3-5 mins: fun stretching games
20 mins: activity stations
3-5 mins: fun closing game
Coach returns kiddos to classrooms

Q. What are the activities each week?

A: We like to mix it up! Activity stations include:

Sports: baseball, soccer, hockey, bowling, football, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, tennis and more!

Coordination Games: obstacle courses, stilts, launching boards, sitting scooters, balance beam, ring toss, hopscotch, balance boards, fling toss, jump ropes, hula hoops, river stones, tunnels, tumbling mats, hurdles, agility ladder, corn hole and so much more!

Closing Games: hopping sacks, egg races, parachute, relay races, animal charades, freeze dance, red light - green light, and more!

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes, we take safety very seriously. Kids in Motion Coaches are licensed, insured, have completed a background check, are fingerprinted, and have first aid and CPR certification.

Have more questions? Please give us a call/text or shoot us an email!